Through the LA Riots in the 90's, post-9/11, and the Great Recession, Ball of Cotton has continued to deliver top-notch  quality garments for decades.


We are not just a sweater brand.


We are also one of the remaining premier knitwear manufacturers in the United States. We strive to make every garment ethically all in-house in our Los Angeles factory.     


Founded in 1991 by Elizabeth and Eddy Park, Ball of Cotton has been designing and making some of the highest quality  hand-loomed knitwear in America. Limited quantities are offered per month and sent to boutiques around the world. Carefully selected cashmere, silk lace, bamboo, super-fine merino wool, linen, and viscose stretch are all part of our collections through the years.        


"Our goal is not only to make a sweater that  can last a lifetime, but one that you will love and treasure forever." Eddy Park explains. "A piece of our legacy and hard work go into every sweater, and we hope that you enjoy every wonderful year with your Ball of Cotton sweater."